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Member Benefits

We are an organization of owners and admirers of vessels designed by Naval Architect, Arthur DeFever. Some of our members own “Some Other Boat” and even though we call them SOBs, they are actually very nice people. Some have the wrong boat and want a real DeFever. Others had a DeFever and moved to a different boat but want to maintain their many friendships within our club. They are all welcome.

When you are a member:

  • You will meet a lot of nice people. Only nice people can join.
  • Our website will keep you posted on news and activities. Enjoy our picture gallery, boat descriptions, and links to our sponsors. Join online.
  • The DeFever Cruisers MAGAZINE, published quarterly, has great content about our people, our vessels, and our passion for cruising. Members can download it from the web. And you can read past issues too.
  • The DeFever Cruisers NEWS is published monthly and distributed by email. It keeps you posted on members’ cruising plans so you can connect with a buddy boat. And it reports news of interest about people and events.
  • Our DeFever Cruisers ROSTER may be downloaded by members only. Use it to locate and meet other members when you travel or when you just need to check a phone number or a boat name. Use it to get local information when you are cruising and need some help with your boat or your teeth.
  • You can join the DeFever Cruisers FORUM, an online discussion group. Ask questions and get answers from other members who have experience and knowledge to share.
  • Attend our Winter Rendezvous in Florida, along with about 200 other people, and learn from informative seminars on boat systems, cruising destinations, new equipment, vessel troubleshooting and maintenance, safety, and more. Meet people with common interests. And tour about 50 boats on “open boat” days.
  • Have fun at an informal rendezvous in the Bahamas, the Chesapeake Bay area, the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, or anywhere else three or more Cruisers gather. Just fly our burgee from your bow flagstaff and another DeFever Cruiser will find you.
  • Turn the nice people you meet into life-long friends who share your interests and have a passion for cruising.



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