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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I join? Find the JOIN item in the menu on our home page of our website. Click there and follow instructions. Pay with credit card or PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card. PayPal will process your credit card payment for us. We never see your card.
  2. How much does it cost? Membership is just $34 for 12 months. This includes a "Primary Member" and a "Secondary Member" if you wish. This amount includes use of our online Forum and delivery of our quarterly magazine by email. If you would like to have a printed copy of our Magazine mailed to you, the cost is an extra $24, but this is only available in the USA because of the high cost of mail delivery to other countries.
  3. Must I own a DeFever in order to be a member? No, you just need to be a nice person who is interested in cruising boats and the cruising life. Most of our members do own a DeFever or are looking for one. However, some have acquired some other boat but want to stay with their cruising buddies in our club. That's ok.
  4. What are your members like? Most of our members are mature. Some are still working. Some have retired. None are grumpy. You have to be nice to be a member. All our members like boating. Most are interested in spending a lot of time on their boats doing some serious cruising. For some, that is still a dream to be fulfilled. A good many were once died-in-the-wool sailors who now find comfort in the warm, dry pilothouse of their cruising motor vessel, happy to be making 8 knots right into a headwind.
  5. I live outside of the USA. Can I join? Yes, we have members all over the world. But it is important that you are able to read, write, and speak English. You may find other members near you in our Roster.
  6. How many people are members? Our membership is about 375 active. Since most of the memberships are actually couples, the total number of people is about 750.
  7. May I attend one of your rendezvous to meet your members and look at the boats? Yes, if you are an individual who is genuinely interested in our club and not a commercial enterprise seeking new customers or boat listings. Representatives of companies that sponsor our rendezvous may attend, enjoy all the functions and may be invited to present an informative seminar.
  8. What is a DeFever Cruisers Rendezvous like? We normally have at least one big rendezvous each year on either the Atlantic coast or the Pacific coast. Our mission is to Introduce you to members, Inform you with technical presentations and discussions, and Inspire you to go cruising. Three days of adventure include informative seminars, open boats, and some great social events. We also have imprompto "Mini-Rendezvous hosted by members in just about any place, but frequently in active cruising areas.
  9. How would I find other boats to cruise with? Fly our DF Cruisers Burgee from your bow staff and watch for other member boats. Hail them and talk. Look up their names in our roster using boat name. Find members near you in our roster. Our Forum now has a section where members post their cruising plans. Attend our rendezvous and meet members.
  10. Can I find a DeFever yacht to buy through the website? You might, by contacting our sponsoring brokers. See LINKS. Also, members may post their interest in buying or selling their DeFever on our Forum. We have a "Boats For Sale" forum section.
  11. I have some questions about my DeFever. Who might help me with specific questions and answers? Our DeFever Cruisers FORUM for members is an amazing online resource. As a member, you absolutely join the forum at no extra cost. Experienced members generously help with ideas and good answers. We announce rendezvous and other news. This is an essential resource which is worth the price of membership alone.
  12. How can I order a club BURGEE? They may be ordered online through the Burgee Order Form. Copy and past the following address in your browser to go to the order form.
  13. Where do I fly my burgee and flag of my country? On powerboats, fly the burgee from a staff on the bow. The staff should usually be about 8 to 10 inches longer overall than the burgee measurement between the grommets. Attach to the staff so that it is tight between grommets to reduce the noise and vibration in breeze. The American Flag or National Ensign (or the flag of your country) is flown from a flag staff at the stern of your boat. It should be one inch on the fly (the long dimension) for each foot of overall length. For example, a 48-foot vessel should fly a 3-foot by 4-foot flag. We donít sell the American Flag or the National Ensign but they are readily available online.



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